Wednesday, April 6, 2011

How Do You Like Your Peeps?

Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays, my Mother made it so special and exciting for me as a child I couldn't wait for it to come around every year. Now that I am a Mom, there are certain traditions I love sharing with my little ones. One of those is my love of those iconic little marshmallow Peeps!

When I was young, Easter began with dressing up for Easter Service. All dressed up in new dresses, hats and tights, we braved the rather wet Oregon weather for this special occasion. Besides twirling away in my new dress, I was very eager to get home because during church was when the Easter Bunny visited our house.

Usually all laid out on the table would be my big Easter Basket!! I know my Mom probably spent weeks collected things to put into it. It wasn't a pre-made basket. No. It was all hand selected items for me. Filled with stuffed animals, pencils, stickers and all sorts of goodies to make my eyes get big with excitement. It wasn't all candy or chocolate. In fact the goodies included were that much more exciting because they weren't overdone. But I do remember always having a box of colorful Peeps in my basket!

Now there are so many choices! Eggs are available as well as a wide variety of colors and flavors... but, I remember 3 colors of just chicks. There were blue, pink and yellow ones. I was a big fan of those cheery yellow Peeps! I still swear they taste better than the others. And for those who like trivia, I am in good company because yellow is America's best selling color of peeps.

My son had his first Peeps last year. Boy was he excited!!! At only 2 1/2 years old he was very into licking the Peeps. In fact, I think he licked all of them in the box and gave them back to us to "share". This year I know better than to leave the open box out. I want to eat my own non-licked one.

So now? Well, as I start putting things away for my childrens' baskets, they will not be overflowing with sweet treats. In fact, my children can't eat chocolate because of their PKU. Luckily, my beloved Peeps will be included. And yeah,... I will be giving them a box of my favorite yellow chicks.

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