Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switches Can Add Up!

I have been married for 10 years. I have two small children and getting a shower in doesn't always happen. But after wearing a perpetual ponytail and lounge wear for the past 3 years, I have started to make some changes. Not only have these changes been small and relatively easy to adjust to, but I have seen my relationship with my husband really reflect this extra work.

First of all, I updated my wardrobe.  Nothing fancy, nothing elaborate... but it was time to trade in the maternity wear and stretched out (stained) shirts and pants for things that fit and looked presentable. Little children suck a lot of my energy in the day, but armed with a decent closet of clothes to work with, looking more attractive for myself and my husband is easy.

I got up and started moving! Despite my original beliefs that this added baby weight was keeping me anchored to the couch... I started getting more exercise and my energy has doubled. That means less sitting and more playing with my children, more walking, and real workouts at home with the Wii or a DVD. Just by increasing my step count and activity, I am in a better mood and feel better about myself. I know my husband appreciates my new 'attitude adjustment' and we have had fewer fights.

Also with all these simple changes comes getting back to date nights and time alone with my spouse. I know, living with a stranger is no fun, so putting time into getting to know the person I am currently married is important to me. My daughter is finally old enough to enjoy time at her grandparent's house. So the stress over 'date night' is finally gone. We don't do anything special. Just dinner together is enough. But, it gives us much needed time to talk to each other without distraction and without having to yell over toys or toddlers.

All little changes... nothing too big, but just enough little switches to make all the difference in our house. So, what about you? Have you made any little switches lately? Or what changes would you like to make in your life?

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