Monday, September 5, 2011

Mamavation Monday - Happy, Exhausted & Life

Happy Monday everyone!

How was your week? Did you get up and move? Did you eat well?

I had a busy and exhausting week here. Last week I returned from our PKU family camp weekend that didn't go quite as we planned. Oregon was hit by several thunder storms which caused a huge outbreak of wildfires around the state. Unfortunately, our camp was closed because a wildfire was burning the hills all around the facility. The buildings are fine, but all roads were closed, it was deep in smoke and it is a very remote location. Instead we improvised since we were already packed up and in the car.

We did have a last-minute get together with other camp families where the kids swam, I watched a cooking demo and we were able to connect with families we met at previous camps.

The food was great and I got a new recipe for low-pro veggie burgers. It uses beets for color, liquid smoke for flavor and is chock full of shredded veggies. Here my son is munching on carrots and my daughter was enjoying her low-pro cookie with cranberries.

Our dinner was a pesto dressed spaghetti squash. Plan for the kids, and dressed with walnuts and green olives for the non-PKU parents. Oh, it was so good!

We also had a blast at a new water park in Oregon called Wings & Waves, and the Oregon Zoo.

The downside is all my previous plans were thrown out the window. Such is life! We spent many more hours traveling by car (fewer steps per day!), we ate out at restaurants for all our meals and water was harder to come by. I  wouldn't change the quality family time for anything, but I wish more restaurants had healthy low-sodium options.

My daughter turned 2 last week and yesterday I threw her a family party. I wanted everything to be perfect for her. This is a lighter ice cream cake option with angel food, fruit sorbet and cool whip. It was something both my kids can eat with their diet and the rest of the family enjoyed. Now I am spent and feel rather "blech". Ever had that feeling?

It is my life and I am not one to give up. I love how I feel when all the parts of my life are working together. So, this week we are eating simple and clean, I am finding more time for sleep, and I am getting my sweat on. I am still going strong in the #100DayBurpeeChallenge. I am up to 36! A big thanks to Pamela M Kramer for putting out this challenge. It is a big one, but a good one.

No surprise... I gained this week. Yeah, I saw that one coming from  a mile away. Though it could be worse, right? I guess a lot of that is water weight from the sodium increase.

So, show your support, join me and send your tweets to @notimeMom. A little help goes a long way towards staying focussed.

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Question: How is your routine changing now that summer is winding down? Any go-to tips to stay organized?

inkI am trying to get all my canning and preserving done before the last of my garden is gone. There are tomaoes to dry and can, peaches to can and corn to freeze.

I am also working through my closet to swap over for cooler & wetter weather, replace my sports bras and running shoes, etc.

As the days get shorter we bump bedtime up for the kiddos and I start exercising indoors more.

Organized? Are you crazy? I have two toddlers so despite my best efforts nothing stays organized. They often hide important items and papers. I do my best, and use my droid whenever possible for dates and times.

How does your life chance as the weather cools off?

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