Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Have the #NSNation Behind me in 2012!

This morning I started 2012 off with a sensible meal. A ham and cheese omelet, mandarin oranges, some leftover roasted vegetables and plain low-fat yogurt. Filling, fresh and just what I needed to start of the year.

Nutrisystem has it all laid out for me. After our late night fireworks display courtesy of dueling neighbor celebrations, I was rather sleepy and not ready to put together a healthy meal for myself.

Yep. Nutrisystem kinda saved my bacon this morning.

I am really excited to share the new Success program with all of you. The Chef's Table Collection meals really have me excited.

The meals come in a different package. The whole meal is in the bag to steam in the microwave. I still supplemented with the fruit or veggie portions, but this was a departure from the typical frozen meal look of tray and plastic.

No need to poke holes, vent or slit... just heat it!

Cut one side and slide the yummy goodness onto your plate and go.

I was sent 3 options to try, the Moroccan Chicken, Wheat Crepes, and Pork Medallions. I love the flavors, spices and combinations of each. I didn't feel the urge to season it, nor did I grumble about eating differently from the family. These were so different!

The Pork was delicious, but presentation out of the bag wasn't as impressive.

Just know that I all but licked the plate! The roasted corn and mango salsa was so flavorful. It had just a tiny kick of warmth that I loved, too.

There are more fun announcements about Nutrisystem changes to come in my future posts. There is just so much to tell you all about.

As for my personal weight loss, well between the sneaked bites of cookies, holiday temptations and stress I managed to lose .2 lbs! That puts me at 5.3 lb. loss in 6 weeks. Now with the new year I am chucking the holiday leftovers and starting fresh. My new shoes need some miles on them and these thighs are ready to start burning.

Take care of yourself and be the healthiest you can be in 2012!

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*Disclaimer - Nutrisystem is providing me with 4 months of their program as part of the Nutrisystem Nation Blogger Program in exchange for writing about my experiences. All opinions and experiences are my own, your results may vary.
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