Sunday, October 7, 2012

Motivated Monday - Learning to Prioritize...Me!

Do you put yourself first?

Okay, I don't either. I have the kids, my husband, the housework and family all lined up before myself and usually I just give up. Should I? Of course not, but it happens more than I care to admit.

This past week I forced myself to carve out a little more time for myself. Yeah, just a little. Things have been busy around here and I am doing what I can, but the truth is I need to do more.

I tried waking up earlier...

and my 3-year old woke up every morning within 10 minutes. No, didn't even matter if I moved the times around. She has super-spidey senses.

I tried sleeping less...

That is just not okay as I creep farther into my 30's. No joke. I need my sleep.

So here is the goal for the week: Organize. I need to organize my home, my life and my priorities. Does that sound like a big goal? You betcha! I have been eyeing the plans to tackle one room a day and set a weekly schedule to get everything done. In the past I have tried to do too much in one session. So this time I am going to truly limit myself. Now, everyday I still need to cook, do dishes and clean the kitchen and sweep the floors - Ugh... the goal will be to do only 2 loads a day and the basics of everything else.

So here is my Cleaning Schedule:

Monday - Bathroom (downstairs)
Tuesday - Vacuum upstairs & downstairs, organize playroom
Wednesday - Mop, dust & pledge
Thursday - Bathroom (both)
Friday -  Big laundry day
Saturday - Bathroom (upstairs)
Sunday - Food Prep for the week, deep clean sink

I hope this leaves a bit more time in my week. I have some fun new recipes to try for the week. Last week I tried the overnight oats from Pinterest and liked it! I really need to have easy breakfasts so I don't eat too late. Here is my meal plan:

Monday - Eggplant Roll-ups, salad, baked apples
Tuesday - Dairy-Free Corn Chowder
Wednesday - Cinderella Princess Party - Sandwich bar, raw veggies, salsa and fruit
Thursday - Leftovers or Breakfast for Dinner
Friday -  Black Bean Burgers, homemade buns and fruit salad
Saturday - Turkey Cabbage Rolls
Sunday - Roasted Veggie Pizza

As for exercise for the week? My daily walks and regular workouts should be good. I also want to slip in nighttime yoga a few times (3?) this week. I always sleep so well afterwards.

Okay, what do you have scheduled/planned for the week? Are you planning on making yourself a priority?

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