Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Where in the OM Am I by Sara DiVello: Book Review #SRC2013

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It is time for my stop #5 for the 2013 BookSparksPR Summer Reading Road Trip. This week, I am excited to introduce Sara DiVello's  Where in the OM Am I?

from the back cover:

Sara has invested years dutifully climbing the corporate ladder to become head of PR at a major financial services company, but can't shake the feeling she's not where she belongs. When her latest boss, a wine-guzzling, drama-loving diva, finally drives her to the brink, Sara seeks sanctuary in yoga-teacher training...only to encounter an entirely different assortment of craziness and calamity. Where in the OM Am I? is an irreverent, honest, and hilarious memoir chronicling one woman's journey from the fast-paced, cutthroat corporate world, to the slow-paced, surprisingly catty, and sometimes perilous world of yoga. Along the way, Sara confronts the harsh reality of working in a male-dominated industry, the challenges of being a corporate interloper in the yoga community, and the complexity of interactions between women in both realms. As epic mishaps beget personal revelations, Sara digs deep for the courage to forge a new life for herself.

My opinion:

A delightful light Summer read with thought provoking qualities. I loved this book and it reminded me why I dropped out of the traditional workforce. Sara found her purpose and calm in yoga, but I think anyone can relate to finding something they can have passion and drive for.

Sara injects so much honest introspection and humor into the book, you can't help but be entertained. I love that this is a memoir and that the author had the courage and faith in herself to make positive life changes. We all should be this brave and answer our inner callings.

I highly recommend Where in the OM Am I by Sara DiVello. I am not a fervent yoga enthusiast, but this book was about so much more. The authors journey is one we can either relate to or have just dreamed of taking. I can't wait to see what else this author will write.

You can grab your own copy on Amazon.

Be sure to join in on the fun with BookSparksPR Summer Reading on their Facebook page. I am running a bit behind in my reviews for this tour due to the birth of my son earlier this month.  I will be back shortly with my next  #SRC2013  opinion and read to share. Stay tuned!

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