Friday, July 26, 2013

My bluum box Subscription - A Great Monthly Treat

*Disclaimer - not a sponsored post. This is a subscription I tried out myself as a consumer and wanted to share my experience. All opinions and experiences are my own. This post does include an affiliate link - sign up and we both benefit - We both earn 15 points that can be put towards a free box.


Before my baby was born I share my experiences with Citrus Lane, a monthly Mom & Baby subscription box service. For a flat monthly fee a box arrives with goodies tailored to your baby's age and gender. You can see my review of my first 2 months in my post: Beyond Magazines, Subscription Boxes for Moms & Baby - Citrus Lane.

Of course there are several other box options out there and one I had consistently heard good things about was the bluum box. Since I do love finding new products, and with 3 small children rarely get out of the house for a leisure shopping trip, I decided to give it a try.

For a monthly fee of $24.95 a month, my box arrived on the 25th. During sign-up I listed my baby's age and gender and the box was to be tailored to fit this stage. So what did they fit inside the cute red box?

subscription box

Quite a lot!

I was excited to receive a email from bluum telling me about what my box would contain. It would have arrived just after delivery but I was out of town that day. I was really looking forward to the Disney Baby products. I haven't had the chance to try anything other than their body wash/shampoo... which I love!

baby subscription box

This was my first box and since Elliott was just born they sent me the "Welcome to the World" box.

I just broke out the Baby Legs for my son, so was thrilled to see a pair included in my box of products. This is a brand I already buy and welcome the addition of another pair. They so handy for chilly days, emergency pants and cloth diapering in general.

I was also sent a onesie from Disney Baby. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't decorated. It is a plain, white onesie, but great quality and perfect for crafting and dressing up. I might have to break out the Silhouette machine for this one.

Other items included a pacifier friend, a soft, monster lovie and a fold-able water bottle for me.

Then there was a package of "Gripe Water".

I have never used a product like this with my kids and will keep it on hand, but have no clue when to try it out. Has anyone else used this type of product? I love that it is simple and safe, but wonder if I have been missing out on some miracle product all these years?

Another Disney Baby product was the Lavender Body Butter for both Baby and Mom. I love how this smells and have already been applying it to my elbows and feet. Since having my son my skin has been very dry in spots.

Overall I was very pleased with my first bluum box. I am curious to see what they have in store for next month and will then decide whether to continue my subscription or not. It was a great value and other than the "Gripe Water", I have plans to use all of the products I was sent.

I would recommend trying this product. All of these products were well chosen for my son's age and are a treat to have on hand. You can find out more about the subscription at This is another great baby shower or baby gift idea. A single box, or a subscription would be a fun treat for any expectant or new Mom.

If you choose to sign up, we can both benefit if you use my link: - We can both get free points when you join.

Have you tried a bluum box? Which products would interest you the most?
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