Monday, November 10, 2014

Easy Labeled Candy Jars with Washi Sheets

Where did the holiday season come from? It isn't yet Thanksgiving but once Halloween comes and goes I like feel the need to get all my gift giving "ducks in a row" and start creating things for friends and family. This month's Silhouette Challenge is perfect for this with DIY Gifts.

I wanted to dress up some Mason Jars to create perfect holiday candy jars to give away to friends. This Washi Sheets from Silhouette was perfect and made labeling easy and fast.

All I needed for this project was a few Mason Jars, Washi sheets, ribbons, vinyl and assorted holiday candies to fill the jars.

Okay, I was so excited to play around with these self adhesive washi sheets. My only complaint is I wish they were full sheets and came in more pattern choices. But other than that, they are great!

I created simple templates for the jar lids and then found a label design that would work and fit these for one side of the cutting mate. Each pattern is only 1/3 of the washi sheet.

For these Christmas gifts I chose the red stripes.

In the Silhouette program there is a setting for cutting Silhouette brand Washi Sheets. I actually went one blade depth more than was called for and had great success cutting just the Washi paper and not the adhesive backing.

Since these sheets are adhesive, it is easy enough to peel off and stick to the jars.

Filled with some favorite holiday candy, and tied up with some festive ribbon, this would make a great and simple gift to have on hand for the last minute list addition.

Wouldn't you enjoy a jar filled with "Santa's Secret Stash" of sweets this holiday season?

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