Thursday, January 15, 2015

Valentine Inspired Treasure Box

As a child I loved keeping things in special little treasure boxes. Mine were filled with various childhood treasures... seashells, colored rocks, stickers or special costume jewelry rings. Anything I held dear was tucked away in a special place like a treasure box.

None were very large, some would only hold a few coins or a dried flower, but they protected something special to me.

For Valentine's Day this year I decided to create a special little treasure box for my 5-year old daughter so she could keep something special, too.

I started out with an inexpensive wooden box from the craft store. It was around a dollar, but I loved the little window on top.

I wanted to paint it, so I covered up the glass window, I couldn't remove it, with painters tape and used a white spray paint that worked as primer as well as top coat.

After my box was white, I used a Mod Podge washable stencil  to create a pattern on top and the front.

Inside the window I wanted to put some loose "treasures" so I used these little heart jewel embellishments.

I put them in upside-down and left he backing on the stickers so they will move freely inside.

Then I cut out a piece of heart scrapbook paper to fit and put that over, then closed it back up.

The last touch was a little clear, high-gloss finish over the paint.

Now it is all ready for my daughter to fill with something special to her. She was overjoyed at her special little box.

What would you keep in a little treasure box? Did you have them as a child?

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