Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Last Minute Butterfly Valentines

I feel like I am doing everything last minute this year. Yes, with the final deadline for class parties looming, I am just finishing up the kids' Valentine's.

This year I am really feeling the crunch because this week not only marks Valentine's class parties (and the treat prep that comes with), but also the Father Daughter Dance and the school is having it's 100 day celebration.

Ever feel like you are constantly getting something together for the kids' school? This week it has been non-stop.

My husband tried to nudge me into getting traditional paper Valentine's... but I just couldn't do it. I think everyone has their own talents and passion, mine involves creativity. I just can't buy the box of perforated cards. Don't get me wrong, I don't have anything against them. I think other Mom's have other amazing talents and strengths that I don't have. I am not organized, I rarely ever look put together, BUT I do create.

My daughter and I scoured Pinterest for ideas and we decided on these two-toned paper butterflies with Smarties.

 I picked up two packs of cardstock paper that would go well together at my local Michael's. Then I headed over to the Silhouette store to buy the cut file for these butterflies. The original is for 3 layers, I just didn't use one of them.

You can buy the file at the Silhouette Design Store - Butterfly , and there are also several other butterfly designs there that would work.

To make them big enough for the candy, I enlarged the design, un-grouped the design then arranged them to fit my paper size.

My daughter is in Kindergarten, so she helped with the glue stick and then writing on the back of each one. Don't you love teaching moments like this? We went over and practiced several letters that are still giving her trouble. This was a great chance for us to talk about her classmates and focus on writing.

Once the strip down the center is glued down, gently bend the top set of wings up towards you. This gives the wings a little more depth.

The final touch was to put on the candy. I used glue spots so they would be easier for eager children. You know the first thing those 5-year olds are going to do is eat the candy!

So this is one set of Valentine's down... one more class worth to go! My son is planning on giving out cuties... now I just have to come up with a wrapper for them.

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